How Far Will You Go?

How far will you go in life? Today, let’s talk about the single most important factor in determining your worth and destiny.

Doug Firebaugh said it this way: “Achievement to most people is something you do. But to the high achiever, it is something you are.”

Professors James Kouzes and Barry Posner have spent more than 25 years surveying leaders in virtually every type of organization, in which they ask, “What values, personal traits, or characteristics do you look for and admire most in a leader?”

During those years, they have administered a survey questionnaire called “Characteristics of Admired Leaders” to more than 75,000 people on six continents.

“The results,” they report, “have been striking in their regularity over the years, and they do not significantly vary by demographical, organizational, or cultural differences.”

And what quality is most admired in leaders? The answer is honesty.

Norman Schwarzkoft said, “Ninety-nine percent of leadership failures are failures of character.”

The good news is, you can go really far in life and achieve great things. But you must come by it honestly.

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