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Holder’s Holdout

Eric Holder’s holdout continued yesterday and the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform chaired by Darrell Issa (R-CA) is prepared for a Contempt of Congress vote at 10 AM today. Holder and the Chairman have been on a collision course for over a year. Issa demanding Department of Justice documents relating to the “Fast and Furious” fiasco. Holder and the Department have refused to provide what is said to be 10s of thousands of documents, some say upwards of 100,000 documents subpoenaed by the Committee. Holder has claimed that he and his department have provided over 7,000 documents, made numerous appearances before Congress, and that is sufficient. Chairman Issa and others disagree. Holder attended a meeting with Issa last evening that was also attended by Rep Elijah Cummings (D-MD), the ranking Democrat on Issa’s committee, Senators Charles Grassley (R-IA) and Patrick Leahy (D-VT), the highest ranking Republican and Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee. The commentary following the meeting was, expectedly, divergent. Holder claimed that he had made an “unprecedented number of documents” available, while Issa said that Holder had not provided the documents or the answers the panel has been seeking. Issa used the word “disappointed” in his assessment of the meeting and went on to say, “Holder came with an offer of a briefing. We went through the process of what was being offered and responded as I think we have to. Which is that the documents that they may choose to give in the future, we need to have before tomorrow. Ultimately, the documents necessary to cause a postponement appear to be in their possession. We’re hoping that we have them tonight. If we can evaluate them even partially, then that will give us grounds to negotiate a postponement and perhaps and final resolution.” As we have commented previously, Eric Holder is typical of the Administration in which he serves. From the President down, the modus operandi is to simply do whatever you wish, damn the Constitution and its checks and balances requirement, rule by fiat, Executive Order, intimidate the Judiciary, stonewall any investigation, and criticize publicly anyone who questions you, your policies, or your plans. Yup, Mr. Holder certainly personifies everything that is wrong with this White House. Of course, Rep. Cummings defended Holder and opined that Issa intended to proceed with the vote even before the meeting began. Thank you, Mr. Cummings, toe the party-line, keep your position, hope for re-election, and your fat pension awaiting you soon. Well done! The only thing missing from the Democrat defense of Holder was placing the blame on W. Something, which, by the way, Holder has done in the past. Classic! Senator Grassley called Holder’s offer to “provide these materials, to brief on these materials, and to answer questions on these materials” in return for dropping the outstanding subpoenas. He said, “The attorney general wants to trade a briefing and the promise of delivering some small, unspecified set of documents tomorrow for a free pass today. That’s unacceptable. I’m not going to buy a pig in a poke.” It takes a Senator from the Heartland to use the “pig in a poke” reference. Not sure the Northeast Libs have any idea what he meant. Wonder if AG Holder did? Probably thought that was some kind of Tea Party code. Unfortunately, Speaker Boehner has not come out strongly in support of holding Eric Holder and the Administration accountable. His words and his actions have been somewhat evasive and he has displayed another lack of leadership the conservative base that will help him keep his job would have liked. We can’t help but wonder if Holder’s holdout is because he believes he can end-run Issa and his committee by using the Speaker. We would hope not, but tomorrow should be tell us more than whether Holder is in contempt. The fact is that the American people deserve to know if Eric Holder, the appointed head of the Department of Justice and/or if any of our elected leaders violated any principle of law and provided the weapons that killed one of our own Border Agents, Brian Terry. We deserve every shred of evidence that exists so that we can stop speculating and know the truth. Eric Holder, personally, owes that to Brian Terry’s family to provide closure. Does it seem odd that if the documents in question will exonerate everyone in the Department of Justice, that Eric Holder doesn’t want to produce them and get this over with? No one has ever claimed any sort of privilege regarding these documents, just the attitude that says, “we’ve got ‘em and you can’t have ‘em.” Holder’s, the Department of Justice’s, and therefore, the Administration’s arrogance is brightly on display. No matter the outcome on Eric Holder, come November, we need to hold this entire Administration and the Democrats that enabled them over the past four years, in Contempt of the People of the United States. We are a country of laws, not celebrities. We expect our leadership to be responsive to us, our country was designed that way. Obama and his supporters continue to thumb their nose at us and dare us to do something about it. Well, we have a Contempt of the People vote scheduled for November 6, don’t miss it!

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