Hold On!

How do you break a world record for the largest raft? Readers Digest tells the story. “You break the world record for the largest raft by holding hands for at least 30 seconds.”

Here’s what happened. A rather impressive 1,902 paddlers did just that for charity on a lake in New York’s Adirondack Mountains. Canoers and kayakers united and stole the title from Pittsburgh, where 1,619 boats had bobbed together in 2010. Word is, the Pittsburgh folks are mounting a comeback. They are busily recruiting the extra 284 paddlers needed to break the new record. Stay tuned to ESPN for breaking paddler news.

Actually, it is news. Anytime you can get a couple thousand people to work together, that is news. What both groups discovered is revolutionary. “All of us” is better than “any of us.”

That’s true in the world of rafting, sports, church, family, and life.

So go find someone with a similar passion as yours. Then work together. You may never do something that alters the course of mankind, such as hand-holding rafting, but it will change the part of the world that you live in.

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