He Died Today

On this day in 1963, we lost a president to an assassin’s bullet. But we lost another great man that same day. His name was Clive Staples.

Clive was the most brilliant man of his day. He published nine best-selling books. In his honor stands a statue in the Church of England. He was a published poet, knew ancient Greek, and was a student of Irish mythology. He cherished his faith, along with his brother, who died young.

For those of you over 60, you probably remember where you were the day Clive died, because John Kennedy died the same day. It may have been Clive who had the greatest impact on his world, not Kennedy. The great theologian, philosopher, and writer still lives through his books, which are required reading in colleges and seminaries to this day.

Is it even necessary to give his full name? Surely you are familiar with Clive Staples. If not, I’ll throw in his last name – Lewis. C. S. Lewis – one of God’s giants.

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