Getting Older

You have reached middle age when you try to find out where the action is so you can go somewhere else.

There was a guy who was really proud of his four-year-old daughter. He was convinced she was the smartest kid in the world. One day, he took her to an outdoor mall in the wintertime. She was all bundled up with a coat, boots, and mittens, to stay warm. Her dad ran into an old friend.

“Ask my daughter how old she is!” he told his buddy, in hopes that his girl would impress him with her answer.

His friend said, “Okay, little girl, how old are you?”

The girl replied, “I can’t tell you. I have mittens on.”

It’s hard to count with your mittens on. But it’s also hard to stay young.

I have only read one article that gave advice that really works, in my task to stay young. It read, “You can stay young indefinitely if you eat wisely, get plenty of sleep, work hard, get plenty of exercise, have a positive mental outlook, and lie about your age.”

I don’t know how old you are. Sometimes, I’m not sure I know how old I am. But God has numbered our days, and he wants every one of them to count.

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