Getting My Lawn Chair Right

Charlie Brown was riding down the road with Lucy on the back of a truck. Tired of standing up, he decided to set up his lawn chair. After a lengthy struggle to set it up, Lucy said, “Charlie Brown, do you want to set up your lawn chair facing forward so you can see where you are going, or do you want to set it up facing back, so you can see where you’ve been?” Charlie Brown said, “I don’t care. Right now, I’m just trying to set up my lawn chair.”

As we begin a new year, it is important to make a fundamental decision. Are you going to live 2016 looking forward or looking back? I suggest you look forward. Consider the parable of the car. It has a large front windshield and a small rear view mirror. That way, you can spend most of your drive time looking forward, while occasionally glancing back.

Sometimes, we need to glance back. But mostly, we need to look ahead. But before you sit down, make sure your lawn chair is in order. When you think of the lawn chair, think of your walk with Jesus Christ. Until that is right, it doesn’t matter which way you face. Begin 2016 with your life in order, then you can sit down and enjoy the ride. This will be your best year ever – once you get your lawn chair in place.

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