Get Ready

He was the “prince of preachers,”and is still considered the best since Paul, 100 years after his death. His name was Charles Haddon Spurgeon, the incomparable orator, author, and pastor of England. He would speak to 20,000 people every Sunday, without the use of a microphone.

While Spurgeon was best known for his preaching, he always had the heart of a pastor. One day, he went to visit a widow in his church to see how she was doing after the loss of her husband. Arriving by horse and buggy, Spurgeon approached her front door and then knocked.

The woman responded with full embarrassment. “I look awful!” she declared. “I have been sweeping and cleaning. If I knew you were coming, I would have cleaned myself up.”

“Far better,” said Spurgeon, “that I find you working upon my arrival, than to find you in the idleness of the devil’s pleasure.”

Well said, Mr. Spurgeon! Someone even greater than Charles Spurgeon is coming one day soon. His name is Jesus. And when he comes, may he “find you working upon his arrival, rather than to find you in the idleness of the devil’s pleasure.”

God’s will for you is simple – full devotion all the time.

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