Funny Church Signs

I love funny church signs. In the old days when I was a youth minister, I was the guy who changed the sign in front of my church every week. I tried to be clever. My favorite was, “Try One of Our Delicious Sundays.”

Check these out . . .

“I wish Noah has swatted those two mosquitoes”

“Whoever is praying for rain can stop now”

“Hipster Jesus loved you before you were cool”

“God expects spiritual fruit, not religious nuts”

“I hate this church – Satan”

“God shows no favorites, but our sign guy does. GO CUBS!”

“God, help me be the person my dog thinks I am!”

These are all clever, to be sure. And they might even help bring people through the church doors. But what matters most about church isn’t what’s on the outside. And that includes the church name or denomination. What matters is what is happening on the inside. For a church where lives are being changed – that’s the best sign of all.


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