Five Frogs on a Log

Five frogs sat on a log. Two decided to jump off. How many were still on the log?

If you said “three” you would be wrong. Notice the premise. Two decided to jump off. Deciding and jumping are two different things.

Most of us have made all the right decisions. But decisions don’t matter one bit – unless accompanied by follow-through. The frogs that decided to jump were no further off the log than those who didn’t decided to jump.

Larry Bird was once asked the key to great shooting of the basketball. He said, “Follow-through.”

In life, as in basketball, it’s the follow-through that makes the difference. God has put you on the court of life. For some of us, we are in the first quarter of the game. Others are playing the second quarter of their lives, or the third or fourth. Some may even be in overtime. And we each have a limited number of shots in life.

You must do two things to be successful. Decide to take the right shot. And then take it.

Five frogs sat on a log. Two decided to jump off. That left five frogs still sitting on the log.

What about you? It’s time to move beyond the decision. It’s time to jump. The next shot is yours.

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