First World War Begins – 104 Year Ago Today

Four days after Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, Germany and Russia declared war against each other. France ordered a general mobilization, and the first German army units crossed into Luxembourg in preparation for the German invasion of France. During the next three days, Russia, France, Belgium, and Great Britain all lined up against Austria-Hungary and Germany, and the German army invaded Belgium.

The Great War that ensued was one of unprecedented destruction and loss of life, resulting in the deaths of some twenty million soldiers and civilians. Unfortunately, the peace treaty that officially ended the conflict – the Treaty of Versailles of 1919 – forced punitive terms on Germany that destabilized Europe and laid the groundwork for World War II.

The Imperials, a Christian music group, used to sing a song that said, “There will never be peace until Christ is seated at the conference table.” The Bible says there will be wars and rumors of wars in the last days. Historians tell us there have been more wars since World War I than in all the years that preceded the great War.

Today, America is at war with ISIS, whether we call them the “JV Team,” as our president did, or whether we even call them what they are. They have declared war on us. Sure, a military response is required. Of course it is. But make no mistake. In this world there will never be peace – until Christ is seated at the conference table.

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