First Issue of the ‘New Republic’

The New Republic’s editorial board was presided over by the journalist Herbert Croly, author of the influential 1909 book The Promise of American Life. Impressed by Croly’s arguments for greater economic planning, increased spending on education, and the need for a society based on the “brotherhood of mankind” – ideas that were said to have influenced both Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson – the heiress Dorothy Payne Whitney and her husband, the banker and diplomat Willard Straight, approached Croly and asked him to join them in launching a new liberal journal that would provide an intelligent, opinionated examination of politics, foreign affairs, and culture. After recruiting his friend and fellow journalist Walter Lippmann, Croly saw the first issues of the new magazine hit the stands 102 years ago – on November 7, 1914.

Millions of Americans read the New Republican in its early years. It was met with wide acclaim and approval. But a funny thing happened along the way. No one much reads the liberal magazine anymore, as its circulation has dropped by more than 50 percent since 2000. That happens when something passes its 100th birthday.

There’s another book that has been around a little longer than the New Republic. And it’s more popular now than ever. Each year, it is the #1 book sold in America. It is still changing lives, 2,000 years later. It’s called the Bible. And if you want to be successful and happy in life, you will take this book seriously. You must love it, learn it, and most importantly, live it.

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