Fire Three Shots

Two men went hunting in the woods.The game warden told them that if they got lost they should shoot three shots in rapid succession. Sure enough, they got lost.

One of them said to the other, “We better do what the game warden said. Why don’t you shoot the three shots?”

So he fired three shots. Nothing happened.

The first hunter said, “You had better fire another three shots.”

So three more shots were fired. They waited another hour, but still no one came to get them.

Again, the first hunter turned to his buddy and said, “I guess you had better fire three more shots.”

His friend said, “I can’t. I’ve run out of arrows.”

Life is a lot like that. We find ourselves lost. We give it our best shot. We fire all the arrows in our quiver. Perhaps your “arrows” are good works, personal achievement, personality, or wealth. You have tried them all, but you’re still lost.

You can give life your best shot, but until you do it the Game Warden’s way, you’ll never find your way home.

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