Father Benjamin

Winds blew the ship off course, and the sailors spotted a surprisingly well-developed unchartered island. The people were well-fed, irrigation systems were complete, and roads connected the villages. The captain asked the chief for an explanation. “How has this island progressed like this?”

He received a quick response. “Father Benjamin. He educated us, built schools, dug wells, and built clinics.”

The captain asked to meet Father Benjamin. He was taken to two medical clinics.

“Is this where Father Benjamin lives?”

The native guides look puzzled, then took him to the canals. The captain protesed. “I don’t see Father Benjamin here. Please take me to where he lives.”

They took him to a chapel where Benjamin taught them about God.

“Is this where he lives?”

“Yes,” they affirmed.

“May I talk to him?”

The natives said, “No, that would be impossible, for he died many years ago.”

The captain replied, “I asked to see where he lives, and you showed me a clinic, canals, and a chapel. You said nothing about his death.”

“You didn’t ask about his death,” they said. You asked to see where he lives. We showed you.”

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