The Rushmore Report – Can You Be Both Democrat and Pro-Life?

In Illinois a Democratic Representative is running for reelection. Normally, that would mean he would receive the full support of the Democratic Party. But there’s just one problem. Rep. Dan Lipinski is generally opposed to abortion. That raises the question – Can you be both a Democrat and pro-life? Apparently, the answer is “no.” A […]

Finding a Good Man

Recent surveys indicate that 52 percent of those over the age of 25 are single. I am not naïve enough to believe these single saints are all interested in getting married. Some of them are too smart for that! But if you are a single woman, and you opened today’s blog in hopes of fining […]

The Rushmore Report – The Feel Good Story of the Year

Even a dog with a microchip can go missing for a long time. But even a dog that’s missing for a long time can end up back home where she belongs. That’s what a Pennsylvania family learned recently when they recovered their black Labrador mix, Abby, who had run away 10 years ago from the […]

Grandmas and Stamp Machines

There was a long line at the post office. A man stood in the line, noticing the lady in front of him was there to buy stamps. After 30 minutes he said, “Excuse me, but there is a stamp machine over there that would be a lot quicker than waiting in this long line.” She […]

The Rushmore Report – ‘Pro-life’ Must Encompass More than Opposition to Abortion

If being “pro-life” only means opposing abortion, we need a better conversation about the myriad ways human life is threatened today. On Friday, the March for Life brought together thousands of anti-abortion activists and conservative political leaders in Washington, as it does every year on the anniversary of the 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized […]

The Blessing of Old Age

“Hope I die before I get old.” Those were the words sung by Roger Daltrey in 1965. The founding member of The Who was 21 at the time. At 72, he must not be old yet, because he has yet to die. Is getting old really that bad? Try telling that to Yuichiro Miura, who […]

The Rushmore Report – Christian University in Texas vs. Hooters

Hooters is expanding its presence to mid-sized markets throughout the United States. While new locations have been well-received in most municipalities, that cannot be said for one city in Texas. It’s not the town that is outraged; it is one particular university. Rich in Christian heritage, this university is taking a strong stand against Hooters. […]