Driving on Empty

Larry had a lot on his mind when he noticed that his fuel gauge was on empty. Quickly finding the closest gas station, he pulled in. At this particular station, the “pay at the pump” feature was not working. So he went inside and paid the cashier ten dollars. Then he walked out to his car, got in, and drove off without ever filling up.

He kept running errands until finally pulling into his driveway when he looked down at his gas gauge, which was now well below “E.” He had stopped at the gas station, paid, but never pumped.

Talk about distracted! Bill was literally driving on fumes.

This is a picture of most of our lives. We need a fill-up. The price has been paid in advance. We may be at church, God’s filling station. But too often, we drive off without truly filling up.

Sometime today, slow down. Return to the pump, in prayer. Remember, the fuel is already paid for.

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