Despair Is Contagious

There was a man who was about to jump from a bridge. An alert police office slowly and methodically moved toward him, talking with him all the time. When the officer got within inches of the man he said, “Surely nothing could be bad enough for you to take your life. Tell me about it. Talk to me.” The would-be jumper told how his wife had left him, how his business had gone bankrupt, and how his friends had deserted him. Everything in life had lost its meaning. For thirty minutes he told his sad story. And then they both jumped.

Despair is contagious. The Bible says we speak words of life or death – the choice is ours. James, the brother of our Lord, talked about how we can be positive with our speech one minute, and horrible the next. He said man can tame any beast except his own tongue.

You will have bad days – hopefully not as bad as the man on the bridge. But you will have bad days. And when you do, look for the men and women God will bring into your life. They are there to help, to encourage, to walk with you. It’s a good thing to tell them your story. But don’t be like the man on the bridge. When someone comes to help, don’t bring them down with you.

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