Declassified Report Says CIA Director Led Cover-up of Kennedy Assassination Probe

A 2013 report, just declassified, confirms that CIA Director John McCone withheld information about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The report’s author, CIA historian David Robarge, writes that McCone and other top CIA officials were a part of the cover-up in order to keep the Warren Commission focused on what the agency believed at the time was the “best truth . . . that Lee Harvey Oswald, for as yet undetermined motives, had acted alone,” according to Politico Magazine.

Days after the assassination, President Lyndon Johnson appointed the Warren Commission to investigate the crime. Robarge claims that McCone and others were “complicit” in keeping “incendiary” information from the commission. McCone’s testimony was considered critical to the commission’s conclusion that Oswald acted alone that fateful day in 1963.

Presumably, Director McCone’s motives were good. He was personally convinced that Oswald had acted alone, so he set out to spare the country from a lengthy, open investigation. So he chose to present the “best truth.” That’s how a lot of us think. We present what we consider the “best truth” rather than the absolute truth. We do it to spare another person’s feelings, to avoid confrontation, or to further our own agenda. And we always have a good excuse to legitimize our “best truth.”

Jesus said, “I am the truth” (John 14:6). He didn’t speak in terms of comparative truth or half-truth. He was all about absolute truth. With God, there are only two categories of speech – truth and lies. There is no such thing as a white lie, half-truth, or best truth. Our job is to speak the truth in love. When we get into the muck of “best truths,” that always leads to cover-up. And the cover-up will eventually become uncovered. Just ask CIA Director McCone. What he called the “best truth” was no truth at all. And what he was able to hide from the President of the United States, the Warren Commission, and the American people, he could not hide from God. And what he covered up 54 years ago, he could not hide forever.

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