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Debasing the Presidency

The Presidency is a serious subject. It deserves honor and respect, but respect and honor for the Presidency are earned not inherent rights of the officeholder. The President is elected by the people. He is not born to the office or anointed President. He is a servant to the people, not vice-versa. One of the things my job requires of me is reading all manner of political thought and commentary. I read a great deal about the presidency. It is my “prep” for writing this column. Now and then, something strikes me funny and yesterday, something I read in the Washington Post (the unofficial publishing arm of the Democrat National Committee) that exposed the Democrat fixation with changing the subject when the subject is politically embarrassing cracked me up. Dana Milbank is an opinion writer like me. He often writes about the presidency. He would have you believe he is a journalist, as many of the so-called reporters at the Post claim, but even a cursory reading of a few of his writings will demonstrate that he is not a serious journalist. His op-ed yesterday was entitled, “Debasing the Presidency” and was a real hoot. Maybe he is auditioning for a writer’s job on Letterman or for Jon Stewart. Specifically, he took exception to reporter, Neil Munro’s disrespect for the presidency when he interrupted the President while he was reading a statement in the Rose Garden. A statement, by the way, in which he said the Justice Department would no longer deport certain illegal aliens, a new power of selective enforcement that Obama has granted his presidency. Milbank called the interruption an “outrageous and unprecedented affront” to the presidency. We call Obama’s arrogance outrageous, unprecedented, and debasing to the presidency.

Democrats and the Presidency

What is particularly hilarious about the premise and the rhetoric employed by the Post writer is the obvious, palpable, and blatant hypocrisy. Among other things, Mr. Milbank called President George W. Bush, “the least popular president in modern history.” The statement was certainly meant to demean if not debase the presidency of Bush, but it was, at best, twisted truth. Here are the facts: Bush’s average job approval rating was higher than that of Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and Harry Truman. Bush’s lowest score ranked ahead of Nixon and Truman. Four Presidents have had disapproval ratings above 60% and Bush was one of them. So the fact is that in 2 of 3 measurements, Bush’s presidency was NOT “the least popular…in modern history.” Add to Milbanks’ twist on history, the continuous barrage of disparaging remarks about the Bush candidacy and presidency made by Dems beginning during the Gore campaign and lasting until Obama was elected makes Milbanks’ claim of “debasing the presidency” ring very hollow. What is currently “debasing” the presidency is the president and his entire administration. I guess Milbanks and his ilk need to be reminded that the President of the United States is accountable to the American people. We do not have an aristocracy in this nation, we have a presidency. If the President debases his office by his behavior, then we, the people, have every right, one might say, the responsibility to challenge him. Because the president can control the time allotted and even who gets to ask questions in a press conference (go back and watch the last charade called a press conference…3 reporters and 8 questions), then maybe interrupting is the only way to at least ask a question, even if a response is not forthcoming. Somehow the presidency must be held accountable. Telling the president “you lie” when he is lying (Obama sales pitch to joint session of Congress, 2009) is not nearly as outrageous and unprecedented as the president, himself, and the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT), key members of the presidency, attempting to intimidate the Supreme Court on the Obamacare legislation ruling. Yesterday, the House Committee on Government Oversight and Reform voted, along party lines, to report out and recommend that Eric Holder be held in criminal contempt of Congress and prosecuted for not providing subpoenaed documents requested by the Committee. Holder, at the eleventh hour, has asked the president to assert Executive Privilege and he did. Another hurdle, another block in a stone wall by the president. Fast and Furious is embarrassing to the current presidency; they don’t want to show any documents that disparage any decision or action of the president or any member of his presidency, particularly in an election year. Last week, the President, decided, for obvious political reasons, to no longer enforce the Law of the Land that he swore to uphold. He decreed that certain illegal aliens are now allowed to gain immigration status and no longer will be deported. His action is a total disregard for the Legislative process and a debasing of the presidency. And….it’s not the first time he has done it. We consider his actions outrageous and unprecedented. We did not elect Barry, King. So, who is really debasing the presidency, a reporter who can’t get recognized and has a legitimate question for the President? Or a presidency that refuses to be accountable to the people who elected it? We believe the answer is obvious and that this president is the most dangerous man to ever hold the office. The Proud Americans want his presidency to come to an end in November. We need a president who respects the presidency and who is worthy of respect.

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