Crackers and Cheese

The story is told of a man who saved all his money so he could go on a three-month boat trip to England, over 100 years ago. He brought a huge supply of crackers and cheese with him, so he’d have something to eat. Because he has spent his last dollar on the ticket for the ship, he did not have any money left over to buy meals on board.

After two months his crackers and cheese had changed, both in color and taste. The man couldn’t take it any longer. He was desperate for just one warm meal, as the other passengers were enjoying every day. When he went to the captain to beg for one good meal, the captain asked him to look at the backside of his ticket.

When he pulled out his ticket and looked on the back side, he found these words: “Meals included.”

Jesus said, “I have come to give you life and life more abundantly.” The good news of the gospel is that our passageway to heaven has already been paid full in advance. But the even better news is this: “Meals included.”

God wants us to enjoy the trip as well as the destination.

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