Comfort vs Wisdom

I used to make the mistake of trying to fix everything. I felt the need to share my wisdom, whether it was wanted or not. Then I discovered that people would rather have a part of my heart than a piece of my mind. People want comfort, not answers. We have plenty of critics; we need encouragers.

When Robert Fulton showed off his new invention, the steamboat, the critics cried, “It’ll never start! It’ll never start!”

Once it started, they shouted, “It’ll never stop! It’ll never stop!”

It is easier to criticize than to comfort.

A football coach was having a bad year. It got so bad that he confided in his wife, “I feel like my dog is my only friend, but a man needs at least two friends.”

So his wife bought him another dog.

Pooh bear was walking along the river bank. Eeyore, his stuffed donkey friend, suddenly appeared floating downstream, about to drown.

Pooh said, “You look like you’re drowning!”

Eeyore asked Pooh if he could save him.

Pooh hesitated, then pulled him out of the water.

“Thanks,” said Eeyore.

“No problem,” said Pooh bear. “You should have said something sooner!”

Pooh offered his wisdom. But Eeyore, like us, needed comfort. I love the old song, Rescue the Perishing. I’m sure you have a lot of wisdom. But your drowning friends need rescuing. They need comfort.

God said it like this: “Comfort my people, says your God” (Isaiah 40:1).

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