Bubble Gum Return

A department store manager noticed a boy staring at the handrail of an escalator. He walked over to him and asked, “Son, are you alright?”

The boy nodded yes without looking up.

“Can I help you?” he asked.

The boy shook his head no and continued to look at the handrail.

“Well, young man, do you want me to explain to you how escalators work?”

The lad replied, “No, Mister. I’m just waiting for my bubble gum to come back!”

Things are not always as they appear. The boy appeared to care about the escalator, when all he really cared about was his gum.

That translates to church. One day, a guest walked in. The usher asked him if it was his first time at that particular church. “Yes,” the man replied.

“Would you like to see our bulletin?”

“No,” he said.

“Would you like to see our sanctuary?”

“No,” he repeated.

“Then perhaps you would like to see our pastor.”

“No, not really.”

The usher asked, “Then what would you like to see?”

The guest said, “The first thing I’d like to see is your bathroom.”

You can’t read a man’s heart by his face. He may want your brilliance. Or he may just want his bubble gum back.

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