Blue Lives Matter

The insanity continues. In the latest episode of attack on police forces, Baton Rouge must now bury three of its finest. The murder of innocent police officers, committed to protecting their citizens, continues.

Of course, those who have called for the killing of police officers (Black Lives Matter) will not be blamed for their hateful speech. If only Rush Limbaugh had offered such senseless rhetoric, the mass media would have a much easier task. If Rush had said 1/10 of what the other side has said, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, and MSNBC would blame Donald Trump for every dead cop.

To the left and to those who spew hate speech against law enforcement as though it was a paying job, the facts don’t matter. That more blacks shoot cops than cops shoot blacks matters not. That more whites are shot by police than blacks matters not. That hundreds of blacks are shot dead by other blacks in Chicago does not matter to this president or the likes of Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton.

Will any of these “leaders” come out against the continued assassination of police officers? Of course not. Now the city of New York has ordered the police to never go out alone. That’s where we are today.

One commentator said we are acting like a third world country. Third world countries everywhere should be offended by the comparison.

Is it asking too much for all of our nation’s leaders to stand up to these thugs? Why is it relegated to the political right to hold accountable those who spew hate speech against our police forces? Of course, our President and Attorney General race to the microphones to blame every cop who even might have shot an innocent black man. All the while they totally ignore the Chicago slaughter. And only reluctantly do they now say anything against those who are murdering police officers . . . after 29 dead and counting.

This is the definition of a late response. But at least they are finally responding. As for the rest of us, can we at least agree to stand against anyone, any group, who demeans law enforcement and calls for their deaths? And do we have to live in Dallas or Baton Rouge to support our cops?

Sure, there are bad cops. Just as there are bad doctors, lawyers, and plumbers. But Dallas deserved better. Baton Rouge deserved better. America deserves better.

Enough of the hate speech. It would go so far if the likes of Al Sharpton would say something – anything – about the unwarranted attacks on white police officers. But that takes courage. I’m not holding my breath.

Yes, black lives matter. Blue lives matter, too. Why do we have to choose one over the other?

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