The Rushmore Report – The Faith of Case Keenum

Sunday night, Vikings quarterback Case Keenum led his team to one of the most improbable last-second comebacks in NFL history. Down 24-23, with the clock running out, the Vikings had time for one last play. From his own 39-yard-line, Keenum found a receiver down the sideline for the winning score. But it is what he […]

The Rushmore Report – Christian University in Texas vs. Hooters

Hooters is expanding its presence to mid-sized markets throughout the United States. While new locations have been well-received in most municipalities, that cannot be said for one city in Texas. It’s not the town that is outraged; it is one particular university. Rich in Christian heritage, this university is taking a strong stand against Hooters. […]

The Rushmore Report – Trump’s Biggest 2020 Challenge May Come from This Man

As President Trump looks toward reelection in 2020, he will have his eye on the likes of Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and maybe even Oprah Winfrey. I’m sure the Republican Party is already gathering opposition research on each of these Democratic rivals. But it may be that Trump’s biggest challenge will come from […]

The Rushmore Report – ‘Trump Is not a Racist’ Says MLK’s Niece

When President Trump made his disparaging remarks about certain foreign countries, the media did what they always do. They played the race card. If a minority bombed the Capitol Building and Trump criticized his actions, he would be tagged a racist. But guess who has come to his defense? That would be Alveda King, the […]

The Rushmore Report – Trump Profanity, Other Presidents’ Profanity, and a President’s Cussing Bird

The top news about President Trump in the media this week was not his meeting with Congressional leaders or foreign dignitaries, but his alleged potty mouth. Let’s assume he spoke the curse words only one man in the room heard him say. Does that separate him from other presidents? Surprisingly, no. Here’s a list of […]

The Rushmore Report – Tim Tebow’s ‘Night to Shine’ Hits 500 Churches

More than 500 congregations across the United States and some foreign countries have agreed to host “Night to Shine” events, which are Tim Tebow Foundation-sponsored proms for special needs youth, in 2018. That marks a tenfold increase from 2015, when the first “Night to Shine” was held, according to a statement Tebow has released. “Night […]

The Rushmore Report – Are You Depressed? This May Be Why

Millions of Americans are clinically depressed – more than ever. They turn to drugs, alcohol, and too often, dangerous activities, to cope with their depression. Many times, I recommend seeing a therapist. But the cause of depression may be right in front of you every day. Social scientists have found a significant link to depression […]