Black Sox Scandal

As we near the World Series, it’s a good time to look back on the most controversial World Series in history. It is called the Black Sox Scandal. It ended 98 years ago today, when the Chicago White Sox lost Game 8 – and the series – on October 9, 1919.

The Black Sox Scandal involved betting. Eight members of the White Sox were accused of intentionally losing the Series against the Cincinnati Reds in exchange for money paid by gamblers. The rest of the team was not in on the fix. Each of the players, including all-time great Shoeless Joe Jackson, received a permanent ban from baseball and consideration into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

While some of the details are disputable, and while Jackson’s involvement is especially questionable, this was a blight on the sport that still resonates to this day.

Actions have consequences. That which was done 98 years ago is still thought of today. A trip to baseball’s Hall of Fame will give you the story. It’s part of baseball lore.

Actions have consequences. Joe Jackson never lived down the controversy, despite having a phenomenal World Series, statistically. There was a permanent rift in the clubhouse, as many of the players, including Hall of Fame second baseman Eddie Collins, were adamantly opposed to gambling.

Actions have consequences. Relationships that were severed were never put back together. Reputations that were ruined were never restored. And the White Sox would not win another World Series until they swept the Houston Astros in 2005.

What’s true in baseball is true in life.

Actions have consequences.

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