Battle of the Sexes

I have this theory, tested over 34 years of marriage, that men and women are somewhat different. Studies show that men are more likely than women to run stoplights, while women are more likely to change lanes without notice. Fifty-one percent of men say TV remote controls have “significantly changed” their lives, compared with just 39 percent of women. (The other 61 percent of women are married, and have therefore never been able to touch the remote.) Men leave their hotel rooms cleaner than women do.

If you’re an average man, you’ll spend 81 minutes in your car today, compared to 64 minutes for a woman. Men laugh 69 times a day, compared to just 55 times for women.

Marriage makes a woman more likely to be depressed, while having the opposite effect on men.

When snow skiing, men tend to fall on their faces. Women fall the other way.

Yes, we are different. Did you know the same Bible that tells men to “love” their wives tells women to “respect” their husbands?

Indeed, we are different. Women are shopping for Christmas presents in July, while men have the good sense to wait until Christmas Eve.

Yes, God made us different. And then he said, “It is good” (Genesis 1:27).

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