Bad Lab Report

A lady took her pet white duck to the vet. After examining the duck, the doctor pronounced, “Your duck is dead.”

The woman asked, “Is there any other test you can do to be sure?”

The vet brought in his pet black Labrador who sniffed the carcass, put his paw on the duck’s chest, and walked out of the room. The vet came back in with his tomcat that also sniffed the corpse, put its paw on the duck’s chest, meowed, and then jumped down from the exam table.

The vet then went to his computer to type out a bill. Upon telling the lady the bad news – indeed her duck was dead – he handed her a bill for $1,000.

“A thousand dollars? Why is it so expensive? You didn’t even do anything for my duck!”

The vet said, “The cost of the vet visit was just $50. The other $950 is for the cat scan and the lab report.”

The only thing worse than receiving bad news is having to pay for it. That’s where I’ve got good news for you. The Gospel is great news, and it costs you nothing. Jesus already paid the price for our sin in full – on the cross. And the exam results are in. You and I are dead in our sin. But there is hope. Jesus died to set us free. No cat scans or lab reports are needed.

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