Babe Ruth

In 1926, Johnny Sylvester got kicked in the head by a horse. The wound got badly infected. Doctors told his parents the bad news. Johnny would die.

“I wish I could see Babe Ruth wallop a home run before I die,” Johnny told his parents.

So they sent a telegram to the great slugger of the New York Yankees. And Babe Ruth sent an answer. He would hit a homer just for Johnny in the next game.

Johnny Sylvester instantly became one of the most famous boys in baseball history. Did Babe Ruth slug one for Johnny? Yes! In fact, he hit three homers in that game. It was an incredible gift for young Johnny, and a feat Ruth would never achieve again.

But let’s get back to Johnny’s injury. Were the doctors right? Did Johnny Sylvester die, as predicted?

Yes, they were right. Johnny Sylvester did die – at the age of 74.

The Bible says, “It is appointed to man once to die.”

Babe Ruth was a legend. He still is. Perhaps it was his inspiration that led Johnny Sylvester to become one of America’s great business executives.

We can learn a lot from that. Inspire someone today. You never know when their last days will come. But God does.

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