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The Power of a Text

I was on the treadmill yesterday morning. I do it every day for an hour. It’s the best 1-mile walk of the day! Then it happened. I got a text from an old friend. And it made my day. My friend is someone you have probably heard of. He is one of America’s most popular […]

The Rushmore Report – Lebron James vs Laura Ingraham

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham sparked nationwide controversy this week after telling Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors stars Lebron James and Kevin Durant to avoid discussing politics and to “shut up and dribble.” Liberals predictably decried Ingraham as racist, based on her comments, but she has refused to apologize. Ingraham said, “The left and the […]

The Rushmore Report – Answer to School Shootings, It’s Not that Complicated

It has happened again. Fifteen students and two adults were senselessly murdered by a madman. It was the 15th school mass shooting since Columbine – on April 20, 1999 – and the most deadly ever. When the shooter (we don’t give shooters’ names here) took the lives of 17 innocent victims at Marjory Stoneman Douglas […]

The Rushmore Report – President Trump’s Message to Democrats

President Trump went on a Twitter rage on Saturday night. His subject was mostly the shooting at the high school in Parkland, Florida, that took 17 lives. While addressing the shooting and expressing his opinions on what could be done in the future, the president had a very direct message to Democrats – one they […]

Van Gogh Paintings Are Shown

On this day in 1901, paintings by the late Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh were shown at the Bernheim-Jeune Gallery in Paris. The 71 paintings caused a sensation across the art world. Eleven years before, Van Gogh had committed suicide without any notion that his work was destined to win acclaim beyond his wildest dreams. […]

The Rushmore Report – A Dying Pastor’s Final Wish Come True

Shane Hall was the beloved pastor of First Southern Baptist Church of Oklahoma City. For three and a half years, the 46-year-old battled stomach cancer. Friday, the battle ended, as he went to be with the Lord. Knowing all medical options had been exhausted, Hall knew his fate. He had one dying wish. And that […]