John Maxwell says, “Your attitude will determine your altitude.”

It’s true. If a man has limburger cheese on his upper lip, he thinks the whole world stinks.

I love the story that former NBA coach Johnny Kerr tells. His biggest test came when he coached the Chicago Bulls and his biggest player was 6’8″ Erwin Mueller. “We had lost seven in a row, and I decided to give a pep talk before a game with the Celtics,” Kerr said.

“I told Bob Boozer to go out and pretend he was the best scorer in basketball. I told Jerry Sloan to pretend he was the best defensive guard. I told Guy Rodgers to pretend he could run an offense better than any other point guard, and I told Mueller to pretend he was the best center in the game. Then we went out and lost the game by 17 points.

“I was pacing around the locker room after the game, trying to figure out what to say, when Mueller walked up, put his arm around me, and said, ‘Don’t worry about it, Coach. Just pretend we won.'”

Here’s the good news for the believer. Jesus said, “It is finished.” He won. We now reap the benefits of eternal and abundant life. There is no need to pretend.

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