In 1884 a young man died, and after the funeral his grieving parents decided to establish a memorial in his honor. With that in mind they met with Charles Eliot, president of Harvard University. Eliot received the unpretentious couple into his office and asked what he could do. After they expressed their desire to fund a memorial, Eliot impatiently said, “Perhaps you have in mind a scholarship.”

“We were thinking of something more substantial than that – perhaps a building,” the woman replied.

In a patronizing tone, Eliot brushed aside the idea as being too expensive, and the couple departed. The next year, Eliot learned that this plain pair had gone elsewhere and established a $26 million memorial named Leland Stanford Junior University, better known today as Stanford!

James, the brother of our Lord, warned us to not judge others by their outward appearances. God looks at the heart. We must try to do the same. Here’s the test of your character. How do you treat others who have no way (as far as you know) to repay you?

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