A Great Author Was Born

If he were still alive, Roald Dahl would turn 100 years of age today. He was born in South Wales. His childhood was filled with tragedy. Roald’s father and sister died when he was three, and he was later brutally abused at his boarding school. After high school, he traveled widely, joining an expedition to Newfoundland and later working in Tanzania. In World War II, he joined the Royal Air Force and became a fighter pilot.

So who is this guy – Roald Dahl?

Ever hear of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? Mr. Dahl wrote the screenplay. He also wrote other children’s stories, including the best-selling Someone Like You, Kiss Kiss, and James and the Giant Peach.

Roald wrote the screenplay for another movie. While it didn’t fit his normal mantra, it made him a rich man – the James Bond film, You Only Live Twice.

I’ll admit it. I never heard the name, Roald Dahl. I’m pretty sure you haven’t heard of him either. But as we reflect back to his birth, 100 years ago today, I have one thought. Some of the most significant things ever done were done by men and women whose names history does not remember. God’s best plans for each of our lives is not to be known, but to be faithful.

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