An “Undecided Voter?”

The Republican convention ended last night with Governor Mitt Romney formally accepting the Party nomination for President. There was a “tribute” to Ron Paul which was actually ill-received by many Paul supporters. A point of fact is that Ron Paul left the convention early and flew home. He was not present for the nominee’s festivities. Paul has stated that at this point he is “an undecided voter.” He has refused to fully endorse Romney and Paul’s followers are passionate in their support of…Ron Paul. They see themselves in a role that is unfamiliar to most Americans. For Paul supporters Ron Paul is more than a personality, he is a rallying point for a “new” style of government. Most of Ron Paul’s support is from a very young and idealistic age demographic. Paul does not fare nearly as well with voters over the age of 45. Why is that true? There is no doubt that his views on drug legalization and isolationism ring with a younger audience. There is also no doubt that his commitment to debt reduction and balancing the budget is music-to-the-ears of the generation that will have to pay the debt we are have and continue to incur. There is the fact that Paul and his people have used the internet very effectively and that, alone, appeals to a younger demographic. But there is a more fundamental motivation for Paul’s acolytes. Every generation that has ever lived has “rebelled” in one way or another. Every generation sees itself as anti-establishment at one time or another. Ron Paul has deepened that notion within young voters who now see no difference between the established parties. Their idealism is to be admired and their political naïvete called into question.

A Sixth Run For President

I was part of a conversation with a couple of Paul people discussing his lack of traction with those over the age of 45. Both young men were 20-somethings. One was very vocal that the coverage of Ron Paul by the media was the problem. He believed that those of us over 45 had never heard of Ron Paul and that we knew nothing of his politics or we would be as ardent in our support as he was. I replied that while I admired Paul’s economic policies and would like to see many of them implemented, there are other parts of his policies (i.e., foreign) that simply were unworkable in today’s world. I also suggested that this is Paul’s sixth run for President and that most of us over the age of 45 were very familiar with his libertarian platform. I further observed that Paul had been espousing the same doctrines for over 20 years and had never gained traction. Something the generation that had just discovered him ought to consider. Those of us over the age of 45 saw Ross Perot hand an election to Bill Clinton and we don’t want to see Ron Paul cause the same result and hand the election to an Administration that is doing all it can to undermine that traditional values that made this country great. Ross Perot was not viewed favorably enough to be elected by the American people, and neither is Ron Paul.


The young men with whom I spoke said they intend to do one of three things. First, to write-in Ron Paul for President; second, if not that, then vote for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate; or third, and they said, most likely, sit out the election in November. When I questioned how they could call themselves “Republicans” and do any of the three, they both said they would rather hand the election to the liberal Democrats than vote for Romney. Their comment was, “we voted in the primary process.” What they left unsaid is, “And because we didn’t get our way, we’re going to punish everyone else. One of the young men made this comment toward the end of our conversation. He said, “I would rather vote for Ron Paul and the truth than to betray my country.” His implication was that a vote for Romney equated to betrayal. I left him with my response, “If you sit out the election or vote for someone that allows this nation to become a totalitarian state, won’t you be guilty of the very treason you now judge?” If Ron Paul and his supporters wanted to start a third party or wanted to support the libertarian platform, he should have run under the Libertarian banner or as an independent party candidate. Paul speaks often of integrity, but to run as a Republican and then not endorse and support that party’s ultimate nominee lacks integrity. To encourage his followers to do anything but campaign as Republicans is duplicitous at minimum. Ron Paul has used the Republican Party to gain the spotlight, he owes them his allegiance.


Winds on the Gulf Coast

The Republican Convention is finally underway in Tampa, Romney has been nominated, and the speeches are in full swing. Expect lots of wind and hot-air. Hurricane Isaac is bearing down on the Louisiana coast and the winds are intensifying as it slows and makes landfall. But, the Republicans are not the only ones exhaling and creating a lot of wind. It was at a campaign appearance at Iowa State University that Mr. Obama said, when speaking about the Republican convention, “It should be a pretty entertaining show and I’m sure they’ll have some wonderful things to say about me. But what you won’t hear from them is a path forward that meets the challenges of our time.” Campaign rhetoric, wind, to be sure, but “the path forward” is a relevant topic. This election is about more than wind, it is about “the path” of this nation. This election will determine whether the principles upon which this nation was founded will survive.

The Path Forward

There has been much wind from the White House over the past four years, and the path of its policies is alarming. Here are some incontrovertible facts. Current policies have done nothing to reduce unemployment, have raised energy prices over 200%, have raised the national debt to a level sustainable only because we can print dollars, and have created animosity and political division at a level never seen before. Unlike wind, which cannot be seen, those facts are observable, and the future path is predictable. The wind that is blowing current policy is an ill-wind. The wind that moves us along the Administration’s “path forward,” using its current performance, is a wind full of destruction. It is a wind blowing condemnation and vilification for the traditional American way of life. It is a divisive wind, not committed to uniting us around solving common problems, but rather encouraging division, jealousy, and envy. It is a wind that will not cease short of a full government takeover of every area of life. The word that ultimately describes a full-government control is, “totalitarian.” Many people, good people, honestly believe that “totalitarianism” and “America” could never be used in the same sentence. Many people, good people, cannot grasp the possibility The United States could ever become a totalitarian state. No matter the warnings given, they refuse to believe that the current political wind will change life as they know it Even though the path is predictable and clear, they simply don’t believe or even worse, deny its existence. The political situation is much like news and warnings about a hurricane. Unless one has experienced the destruction a hurricane causes, it is difficult to grasp the intensity of the wind and the water. It is hard to believe that one’s life is in danger when the wind is but a breeze, the water is calm, and the sun is shining. Ignored warnings cause tragedy in hurricane wind, but many have never experienced the destruction, and refuse to prepare. Many believe the warnings to be excessive and by the time they “get it,” the wind is blowing too hard to rescue them. The reason the path of a hurricane is broadcast again and again is so that people who will be affected can intentionally change their usual practices and avoid the danger. Politically, unless we make intentional changes, the current wind will blow us directly and ultimately to a totalitarian end. When one gives up personal responsibility (and with it personal freedom), a totalitarian state is the ultimate price. This country was built on the principle of equal opportunity, but the current political wind is blowing toward equal outcome. The path of “equal outcome” is foreign to our Founders, our Constitution, and our history. Opportunity not outcome is what freedom guarantees. Equal outcome is impossible to achieve unless one is willing to give up excellence and freedom. Wind can power a city if properly harnessed. Wind can destroy that same city if unbridled. A gentle wind can bring relief when felt on a hot, dusty face or that same wind increasing in velocity can obliterate a city block in seconds. The liberal political wind is more than a breeze it is set on destroying our culture. The National Weather Service warns everyone in the path of Hurricane Isaac to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves from the hurricane wind that is inevitable. We are sounding the alarm that the current wind coming from Washington is even more destructive.


Really, Mr. President?

Really, Mr. President? It has been a while since we have had a “Really, Mr. President?” session, but it is time to call the Administration on its style of implying, insinuating, or appearing to err and then using words to obtain deniability. If “rape is rape” then lying is lying. In a surprise press conference, Nancy Cordes, CBS correspondent, asked the President about the tone of his campaign, “Are you comfortable with the tone being set with your campaign? Have you asked them to change their tone when it comes to defining Mr. Romney?” Obama challenged her indicating that he wasn’t sure she had her facts right. “For example, nobody accused Mr. Romney of being a felon. And, I think that what is absolutely true is if you watch me on the campaign trail, here’s what I’m talking about. I’m talking about how to put Americans back to work,” were the President’s words. Really, Mr. President? Really???? First of all, the video of his deputy campaign manager, Stephanie Cutter, insinuating that Mr. Romney may be guilty of a felony has been seen and quoted so many times that I won’t take the time to quote it again. Likewise, Bob Bauer, counsel to the Obama campaign, called Cutter’s allegation, “serious business.” Really, Mr. President? These two people so very close to your campaign make allegations of which you are unaware? Really???? And, then weeks, later, you still don’t know that your campaign “accused Mr. Romney of being a felon?” Really, Mr. President! Methinks what we have here is careful word-smithing. A wordsmith is one who works with words and is generally a skillful writer. There is no doubt that Mr. Obama and all associated with his administration and campaign are great with words. It was Mr. Obama himself who said, while campaigning in 2008, “Don’t tell me words don’t matter!” Really, Mr. President. Technically, Mr. Obama is correct. Ms. Cutter did not say, “Mr. Romney is a felon.” Nobody associated with the Obama campaign said those words, but they certainly intended to create the impression that Mr. Romney’s situation was “serious business.” It wasn’t their actual words; it was what they implied that created the issue. However, Mr. Obama responded to Ms. Cordes about the actual words that were used by members of his campaign staff. Very clever, Mr. President, but really????? Cutter’s words don’t “call” Mr. Romney a felon, really, Mr. President?

It’s Not What You Say

When he made his statement supporting same-sex marriage in May of 2012, he said that he had “evolved” to that position over the years even though the record clearly shows that he has supported and un-supported that position , depending on the political winds, since 1996. The wordsmith chose “evolved” so that he could not be accused of an outright lie. But he was as aware of the implication of his words as Ms. Cutter was about hers. I mean, Really! Mr. President. When Mr. Obama claimed in his 2012 State of the Union speech, “American oil production is the highest that it’s been in eight years,” he was, again, very clever with his words. Production on non-federal land had increased and his statistic was accurate, however, production from federal land (the traditional source of the bulk of production) was down over 14% in one year alone. Technically, he spoke the truth, but Really, Mr. President???? With gas prices rising, people from the industry out of work in record numbers, rigs rusting. Do you sincerely think the American people are that stupid? Really, Mr. President? It was Mr. Obama who told us, “The private sector is doing fine” and that small business creators didn’t “build that.” Most have thought those statements to be mistakes or misstatements. We don’t think so. We believe that Mr. Obama knew exactly what he was saying. His intent was to check the level of acceptance. If the statements had not been immediately opposed, we would have had more Obama lies accepted as truth. Obama, with the help of the propaganda machine called the traditional press, has effectively used the tactic again and again during his campaigns and presidency. Really, Mr. President, we expect the President to use his office to sustain and advance OUR economic system, not disdain, dispute, disrespect, and disparage the real job creators.

There You Go Again

When we ask, “Really, Mr. President?” we are rephrasing President Ronald Reagan’s famous debate comment, “Well, there you go again.” Don’t ever believe that this President and his advisors don’t know exactly what they are saying. Don’t be naïve in believing that even Mr. Biden’s comment about “chains” was and accident. Nothing is spoken without intent. We have a White House full of wordsmiths. They believe and count on the American voter being too naive, too stupid, and too apathetic to care. Really! Mr. President!!!

Secular Humanists Whine

Secular Humanism…The Religion of Non-Religion

Secular humanists, through the Council for Secular Humanism, the self-proclaimed “largest organization for non-religious people,” complained this past week because Secretary of Agriculture said that “he was praying to the Almighty to make it rain.” His reference to the “Almighty” or God was unacceptable to the religion of non-religion. What adds to the insult, is that secular humanists criticized the Obama Administration for “sending the wrong message.” The Council’s executive director Tom Flynn said via press release, “For a Cabinet official to recommend prayer as a solution or call attention to his own devotions may violate the Constitution’s prohibition against establishment of religion. Most important, though, is that prayer doesn’t work. But if you want to test the power of prayer yourself, consider this. Apparently Secretary Vilsack’s been praying for rain every day; how’s that working out?” Are you kidding me? That statement is not only offensive to the vast majority of Proud Americans, but to accuse this secular administration of doing anything that is pro-faith, is ludicrous. Our “religious rights” have been trampled by this president and his secular minions more than all other administrations combined. Hearing the secular humanists whine would be fun if the matter was not so serious. Taking Flynn’s logic and re-applying it, I would ask, “If science is sufficient, then why haven’t the secular humanists figured out what causes drought, create rain only where it is needed and fix this situation?” My question is no more foolish than his.

Prayer Doesn’t Work?

And for secular humanists to allege that “prayer doesn’t work?” Shall we flood Mr. Flynn’s office with the anecdotal evidence that he seems to require to prove that prayer does work? I can’t help but wonder what Flynn and his secular audience will say when the rains finally come (and they always do). I can just hear, “Thank Science, it is raining!” Until “science” can make it rain, or not, stop a hurricane or tornado in its tracks, cause the climate to be perfect in every latitude every day…I’ll keep trusting God and not the secular humanist, thank you very much. He was here before you got here, chuckles at your arrogance, and will be around long after you are dust! Until you secular humanists can replicate His work, HUSH! No wonder Jesus said, “they know not what they do.” They don’t even know who they are, how they got here, where they are going, and why they exist. Secular humanists have complained that they don’t have a holiday like Christmas. We don’t agree…we gave you April 1. To all you secular humanists, know this, the rest of us are praying for you!


Competent to stand trial? In order to enter a guilty plea in a court of law, the defendant must be observed by the judge as competent to stand trial. In order to be judged competent, generally, the court first orders a psychiatric exam. Following the exam, the court then considers the opinions of the doctors, and decides if the person has the ability to understand the charges and assist a lawyer in his defense. Competency is a proper standard by which to measure. If the defendant can’t participate in his own defense, then he can’t be given a fair trial. If judged incompetent, the court will commit him to a mental facility to try to help the defendant gain competency. If successful, the trial goes forward. If he continues to be incompetent, and the court determines that he is unlikely to ever be competent, then the court will dismiss the charges but allow for the refilling at a later date if the defendant becomes competent. If the charges are dismissed, the defendant is usually remanded to the mental facility, particularly if the court determines that he presents a danger to himself or others.

Would This Administration Be Judged Competent?

Using similar standards, I think that the current Administration and liberals in general would not be competent to stand trial and need to be remanded to custody until competency is established. Liberals show no observable competency and, in fact, pose a danger to themselves and the rest of us. Let’s do the exam. We keep hearing that continuing existing tax rates established as early as 2001 are tax “cuts.” Clear-thinking people realize that continuation does not equal creation. There is no “cut,” there is simply no “raise.” To the liberal mind, it appears that anything that is not a “raise” should be defined as a “cut.” Hmmmm….not sure that logic meets the competent standard. Of course, the competency standard cannot be met when considering whether Obamacare is a tax. If I remember correctly, the leader said it was not and that he would not allow any such tax, but then his attorney argued before the Supreme Court that it was and it was on that basis that Obamacare was upheld. I’m not sure a schizophrenic could be found mentally competent to stand trial. Then, there is the argument that no business was built by the man or woman who sacrificed and toiled to get it up and running. The argument is that somebody else did it for them, and the implication is that it was the government that made it possible. Let me think, I believe I remember studying that hallucinating was either a sign of mental disorder or drugs. Maybe, with this crew, it could be either, but either way “not competent” is the judgment. But wait, there’s more… How about jobs? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Both the number of unemployed persons (12.8 million) and the unemployment rate (8.3 percent) were essentially unchanged in July. Both measures have shown little movement thus far in 2012. Among the major worker groups, the unemployment rate for Hispanics (10.3 percent) edged down in July, while the rates for adult men (7.7 percent), adult women (7.5 percent),teenagers (23.8 percent), whites (7.4 percent), and blacks (14.1 percent) showed little or no change. The jobless rate for Asians was 6.2 percent in July (not seasonally adjusted), little changed from a year earlier. In July, the number of long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks and over) was little changed at 5.2 million. These individuals accounted for 40.7 percent of the unemployed. Both the civilian labor force participation rate, at 63.7 percent, and the employment- population ratio, at 58.4 percent, changed little in July.” Now, any reasonable person would ascertain by reading the above sentences that the job market is not good and has not improved recently. In fact, it hasn’t changed positively in over three years. Yet, the liberals want to us to reelect them and give them four more years to continue and expand the same policies that created or exacerbated the mess that in which we find ourselves. Wasn’t it Albert Einstein who said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?” Not competent!

Remanded For No Less Than Four Years

Having observed the “not competent” behavior of the defendant administration, the only proper judgment that can be rendered this year is to remand this Administration and everyone who has politically supported it to a “facility” called political-oblivion for a period of not less than four years, at which time, they can present themselves for another hearing; but with the understanding that the charges of failure to lead, national security leaks, cronyism, Constitutional disregard, and others may be reinstated.

Values or Rights?

Right became “value” on August 1. August 1, 2012 is a date that will live in the hearts and minds of Proud Americans everywhere as the date the right of religious freedom, guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution, was relegated to a mere “value” by a Presidential Administration sworn to uphold the Constitution. August 1, 2012 the First Amendment was subordinated to a mandate issued by the Health and Human Services Department. The controversial mandate requires almost all new employer health plans to cover contraception, sterilization, and abortion-inducing drugs and current employer plans provide similar coverage when they renew their employee health insurance plans. The press release hailing the implementation of the mandate declared, “The Obama administration will continue to work with all employers to give them the flexibility and resources they need to implement the health care law in a way that protects women’s health while making common-sense accommodations for values like religious liberty.” Please note the word “values.”

Religious Liberty is a Constitutional Right

Religious liberty is not a “value,” like marriage, which may be debated or defined variously among individuals. Religious liberty is a RIGHT guaranteed by the Constitution. Religious liberty is NOT Food Stamps. Unlike such entitlement programs, touted by liberals, as a “right,” religious liberty really is a true right of Americans! We have written, previously, about the HHS mandate and our opposition to it, but the choice of the word, “value” over the obvious word “right,” we believe to be intentional and without precedent. This Administration has declared war on the religious liberty of any and all Americans, particularly those who hold Christianity as their faith. We believe that this is but one more overt step in the marginalization of faith which was foundational to the formation of these United States. Trampling the rights of Americans is not new to liberals nor to this Administration, but overtly taking on the Right of Religious Liberty is the most audacious move to date. In point of fact, the very manner in which the ACA was rammed through Congress was ethically questionable at best and has compromised the right of many Americans to proper representation. Speaker Boehner did issue a statement of his own concerning the mandate, “…let us renew our determination to reverse the mandate and restore the religious liberty that has been demolished by the Obama Administration’s actions. The administration’s mandate stands today not because it is sound policy; not because it reflects the will of the people; not because it is consistent with the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution. The mandate stands today because the Democratic-controlled Senate preemptively blocked legislation that would have reversed this attack on religious freedom. And it stands because the President of the United States has refused to listen to the people and institutions that built a great nation.”

HHS Mandate Violates Constitutional Right

Keep in mind Barack Obama said, in 2006, when he was a senator from Illinois, that the United States is “no longer a Christian nation.” The right of religious freedom is threatening to a collectivist, to one who would make government, god. His Administration has tried to back-track from the statement over the years, saying that what he meant was that the USA is “no longer solely a Christian nation.” Taking his statement at face value, offering him the benefit of the doubt, being as generous as possible with the interpretation, the statement acknowledges that this nation was formed as Christian nation. Otherwise, the phrases “no longer” or “solely” would be meaningless. To the point, even if we give Obama the point that we are “no longer solely a Christian nation” (which we do not), the implied point of his statement still accepts that religion or faith is a part of the fabric woven by the Founding Fathers. That we are a “secular” nation cannot be argued from any historical evidence whatsoever, and certainly has no constitutional grounds. The citizens of the United States have the right to religious liberty, not to having the government work with their “values.” Interestingly, four days before full implementation of the mandate, U.S. district Judge John Kane, in Denver, issued a preliminary injunction to block the HHS from enforcing the contraception requirement against Hercules Industries, Inc. which is owned by a Roman Catholic couple who feels its rights being eroded. The government had argued that any exemption granted to Hercules would interfere with the implementation of the law. We believe that the response from Judge Kane was dead-on, “This harm pales in comparison to the possible infringement upon (the Newland family’s) constitutional and statutory rights.” No mention of a “value” being compromised was made, a “right” is being infringed was the statement. Research has shown that the Obama Administration has already exempted some 190 million health plan participants from the mandate. Apparently they have a right that needs to be respected…whatever it might be. Research also indicates that most of those exemptions were given to organizations that support Democrats. Now THAT is a display of “values” or a lack thereof. Once again, we call for the Administration to recognize the clear distinction between a “value” and a “right.” It would be breathtaking if the President would fight as hard for the Constitution as he does to keep illegal voters from having to identify themselves at the polls.


EPA Exceeded Authority

Jobs won a victory over environmentalism this week. U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton, for the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, ruled that the EPA exceeded its authority when it issued so-called “Final Guidance” in 2011. Under that “guidance” states were required to consider conductivity levels of stream water when issuing mining permits. According to the EPA, what the policy was meant to do was to ensure consistent and timely review of surface coal-mining permits under the Clean Water Act. It was supposed to “protect” stream water from the hazards of coal mining in Appalachia. What the policy, in fact, did was to shut down jobs and impede the mining of a natural resource this Administration has decided in no longer in vogue. The policy effectively shut down mountaintop mining and the jobs miners depended on to feed their families. The National Mining Association, along with the States of Kentucky and West Virginia filed a series of lawsuits which were consolidated and culminated in the Court’s ruling. The states had filed suit because, in part, their state Environmental Agencies authority was usurped by the Federal Agency. The states’ economies were affected by the loss of jobs. According to West Virginia State DEP Secretary Randy Huffman, the Federal EPA “stopped trusting” the state of West Virginia to issue permits for water pollution discharges for coal mines after some 30 years. The state was given authority in 1982 and this Administration suddenly and without appropriate foundation simply started reviewing every permit itself. Huffman felt the court decision was in order saying, “That’s how blatantly wrong we felt the EPA was…” Hal Quinn is the Association CEO. In response to the ruling issued the following statement, “NMA is gratified by today’s decision … As we have always maintained, EPA has engaged in an unlawful overreach in its attempt to commandeer the permitting responsibilities the law places with other state and federal agencies.”

Jobs Suffer Under Obama

This Administration talks a great deal about jobs, but its performance doesn’t match its words. The only sector that has shown real job growth is the public sector. The private sector is not, “OK.” Private sector jobs are under attack by federal agencies. This Administration is the most power-hungry in American history. Executive orders usurp the legislative process. The Department of Justice sues states for enforcing federal laws the President decides not to enforce. The President fires the heads of private corporations. The Supreme Court is intimidated. The amassing of power under the Executive Branch is blatant and alarming. Instead of working to create jobs and develop domestic natural resources, and, at the expense of state government which was apparently in-the-way, the EPA tried to shut down an energy source that the radical left does not want to use and was totally cavalier about the loss of mining jobs. The Court today said, “Enough!” Quinn observed, “Today’s decision has truly given coal miners and coal mining communities their ’day in court’ and has affirmed NMA’s longstanding belief that EPA overreached its authority in its virtual moratorium on Eastern coal mining permits and denied those operations the protections provided for under the law. It is now time to get miners back to work by allowing the state permitting agencies to do their jobs.” It is an unfortunate day when the middle-class worker of the United States is pitted against his own government in keeping his job. It is an unfortunate day when jobs are lost to ideology. It is an unfortunate day when government agencies have to be slapped by the courts for exceeding their authority. It is obvious that this Administration does not care about jobs. It cares about power. The only jobs that concern them are their own. This President and his department heads will seize power not granted until stopped by a court ruling….or by being voted out of office. We believe it is time to put America back to work, to create real jobs. We believe it is time to end government-by-fiat. We hail the ruling made by Judge Walton and hope it will be upheld if appealed.


“Grassroots Conservatives”

Conservatives selected a candidate for senator in Texas this week. What are called “grassroots-conservatives” celebrated the election. Ted Cruz, a political unknown one year ago, defeated Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, handily. Dewhurst represented the Republican establishment. He was an office-holder, had name recognition, endorsements of the expected GOP names, and much more money. It is said that Dewhurst spent more than $20 million of his own money on his campaign. “Both men called themselves “conservative.” And, compared to Democrats, both are. The difference is that Cruz is representative of a movement in America that is fed up with the Go-Along-to-Get-Along compromise-and-defend politics of the Republican Party over the past several years. Voters turned out in record numbers in Texas for a runoff election held in July. The totally unheard of voting participation resulted in Cruz winning by double digits. Money and connections lost to a grass-roots activist base of voters. Called a “Tea Party Tidal Wave” by some pundits, the victory by Cruz should be an alarm bell for Speaker Boehner and the rest of the Republicans currently holding office or desiring election to office. Ted Cruz was not the only beneficiary in runoff elections. “Grassroots Conservatives” won in other Texas races as well as in other states. In Atlanta, Georgia, a penny increase in the sales tax to fund transportation projects was a major priority for the sitting Republican governor. It was defeated by 26 points. True conservatives are angry with wimpy leadership and rising taxes. The message that is being clearly sent to the establishment republicans is, “represent our interests or get tossed.”

Conservatives Have Had It With Do-Nothing Leadership

For decades, the Republicans were the minority party in both the House and Senate. The Democrats ran everything and the minority party had very little influence. About the only way a Republican could get his name in the paper was to do something completely outrageous or co-sponsor a Democrat bill. Then came 1994 and the “Contract With America” that brought Republicans a majority in Congress and an opportunity to lead. The “Contract” election was the first stirring of conservative sentiment, but traditional media vilified the Republicans, called them, “Obstructionists,” the Republicans did nothing to fight back, and, at the next election the Democrats gained 9 seats in the House. Conservatives were taught to be seen-and-not-heard, their opinions are irrelevant, and that Republicans must behave. Conservatives choked back their anger, even with “compassionate conservatism,” but then Barack Obama was elected and “hope and change” came to the White House. This President has been the most polarizing in our lifetime. His disregard for the Constitution and the legislative process; his disdain for the family unit and for the values embraced by most Americans (who comprise the real “mainstream”); his spending policies that will bankrupt this nation sooner rather than later; all have worked to breathe life into what was believed to be a dead body….the Conservative American voter. The difference this time is the “New Media.” Internet and Social Media have allowed a movement for freedom in this country that is as certain as those in the Middle East. The difference is that we make change with ballots not bullets. Being able to turn out record numbers of voters bodes well for conservatives in November, numbers favor conservatives. Taking back the Senate and maintaining the majority in the House are critical if Obamacare is to be dismantled in any significant way. Many say these races are more important than the Presidency.

Governor Romney, Are You Listening?

The biggest complaint I have heard from Grassroots Conservatives about Governor Romney is that he is an establishment-Republican. They worry he doesn’t have the stones to facedown the media, rally his supporters, roll back entitlements, and balance the budget. They worry that he, if elected, won’t lead the charge back to patriotism and excellence, but will compromise ideals to serve as a bipartisan President. David Dewhurst is that kind of Republican. It not only didn’t work for him, his candidacy failed miserably. Hope Romney is watching and listening. Without the support of the Cruz-backers, he has no chance in November.