UN Arms Treaty Fails

Second Amendment Receives Reprieve

The Second Amendment received a reprieve on Friday of last week. As we have discussed here on more than one occasion, the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty was set to be voted and signed by Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton at the end of a month-long UN “negotiating” conference. Liberals would have achieved neutering the Second Amendment without ever speaking of it. George Soros, through his Media Matters group, had flooded the traditional media with pro-gun control propaganda, particularly in the aftermath of the Colorado shootings. “Thanks be to God” it is an election year. In an abrupt about-face on Friday, the American delegation announced that it needed more time to consider the proposed treaty. Russia and China then followed suit and the conference ended without a treaty. “This was stunning cowardice by the Obama administration, which at the last minute did an about-face and scuttled progress toward a global arms treaty, just as it reached the finish line” according to Suzanne Nossel, executive director of Amnesty International USA. The words are particularly harsh considering they come from a former aide to the Secretary of State and currently ED of a Soros funded organization. The collectivists thought they had this in the bag. Daryl Kimball, Executive Director of the Arms Control Association said, “”President Obama should have–but did not–provide the leadership necessary to close the deal on the arms trade treaty…” Why would Obama and Clinton renege on a liberal sacred cow like gun-control? Why would they leave the “rest” of the world at the altar of passage? Well, it seems that on Thursday, 51 senators (that would be a bi-partisan majority for those who are counting) delivered a letter to the President and the Secretary of State expressing their “concerns” that the draft treaty would be an expansion of gun control, and that, of course, was unacceptable. They threatened to oppose its ratification if signed by the Secretary of State.

YOU Made the Difference

YOU made the difference. You contacted your elected representatives and threatened their jobs if this treaty was ratified. When one’s own job is in jeopardy, loyalty to the party and especially to its leader fades quickly. Well done, pat yourselves on the back, and get back to work. The gun-control crowd is relentless. They are determined. The Secretary General of the United Nations expressed his disappointment at the failure to agree to a treaty, but pledged his “robust” support for continuing the pursuit of the treaty. Do not believe for one moment that this George Soros-beholding group of Democrat politicians will not immediately bring the treaty back to the table if they are re-elected. Politics demanded a strategic retreat…nothing more. We, at The Proud Americans, will continue to shine daylight on the agenda of this Administration to impinge on our freedoms and even subjugate the United States to an organization that sees itself as the world government. We will never cease to proclaim liberty and justice for all. We will never cease to defend our Constitution and all of its Amendments. We will give our lives, if necessary, as have other proud Americans in the past, to preserve this Union and its independence. “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.”


Proud American Kids

Proud American Kids is a 501 (c) (3) charity and volunteer organization committed to America’s children. The mission of the Proud American Kids is to maximize the early education of our children and to educate our youth on the history of America and the values that made our nation great – God, family, country, personal responsibility and service to others. We endeavor to teach kids the value of service to our great nation by supporting our troops and showing love and respect to those who fight for our freedom. We have also created special programs and partnerships to benefit the children of our active-duty troops and veterans through Kids4RTroops. Proud American Kids conducts and/or funds various activities for children of United States Armed Forces, with an emphasis on children of Service people either killed-in-action, or severely wounded. Our activities are not limited to these children, but they form the core group we serve. Our activities include, but are not limited to providing a “summer-camp” experience, providing tickets to sporting and other events, and providing the opportunity for athletes to interface and become involved in mentoring the children we serve. We began our activities in Texas as that is our base state, but all 50 states are included in our mission. We fulfill our mission in several ways:


We provide scholarships to summer camps for the children we serve. The camp experiences vary from day-camps to week-long camps depending upon the needs of individual campers. Priority is given to disabled children of the United States Armed Forces and children of severely wounded or killed-in-action troops, though other disadvantaged children are not excluded from our help. We screen both camps and campers for suitability.


We work with individuals, companies, Professional Teams, Colleges, Universities, Arts venues, and others, to obtain donated tickets which allow our children to attend events that they would not otherwise be able to attend. We want our children to attend events ranging from the Ballet to The Super Bowl. Proud American Kids has enlisted “celebrities” from athletes to performers to meet and communicate with our kids. Some of them have already expressed interest in mentoring.


Part of our mission is to ensure that Proud American Kids receive materials early in their lives that will help them learn to read and to learn the “real” history of the United States, not the re-written and twisted history that is being taught in many public schools today. Proud American Kids has been challenged to provide a book, on a monthly/quarterly basis from birth to 12th birthday, to any child of any active duty United States Armed Forces member wherever they may be, as well as the children of the wounded or killed-in-action that we already serve. Beginning at age 5, Proud American Kids will provide American Historical reading material on a quarterly basis to any child of any active duty United States Armed Forces member wherever they may be, as well as the children of the wounded or killed-in-action that we already serve.


Kids4RTroops provides our kids an opportunity to give-back and have the joy of learning that it really is more fun to give than to receive. Kids4RTroops, among other activities, collect, assemble, and send gift packages to active duty troops around the world. Communication through letters, emails, and texts also keep our Kids connected to those who preserve our freedoms.


To accomplish all our goals, we need PROUD AMERICANS everywhere to help us. You may go to our website: www.proudamericankids.org to learn more and to donate or you may send a check to Proud American Kids, PO Box 18256, Sugar Land, TX 77496. Please don’t send cash through the mail. And, of course, your DONATION IS TAX-DEDUCTIBLE. The Proud Americans Organization thanks you for your donation.


Solyndra No More

Tomorrow, The House Energy and Commerce Committee , will begin markup of “The No More Solyndras Act” offered by Subcommittee Chairman, Fred Upton. The purpose of the Act is to prevent the Department of Energy from wasting any more tax dollars on unproven “green” technology projects like Solyndra, Beacon, and now Abound Solar. Abound Solar, an advanced panel manufacturer that received some $70 million in Energy Department guaranteed loans. It is just the latest failure that this Administration backed with taxpayer money.

YOU Will Never Be Solyndra

Solyndra was the California outfit that received a $535 million federal loan guarantee in 2009 and then went bankrupt. Bankruptcy happens, but the real issue is that the Department of Energy allowed investors in Solyndra, who have been shown to be Obamba “insiders” to recoup investment dollars before the taxpayers who guaranteed the debt. Now, you try that with your local lending institution! Guarantors ALWAYS have a superior lien to investors, but not in this Administration. “Cronyism” has been charged by Democrats about Republicans for decades, but this Administration has raised-the-bar beyond comprehension…at your expense. What the President and his Administration has done is simply decide to strangle the production of oil in our country and “guarantee” the investment in unproven green technology. Deciding who wins and who loses in the marketplace is not the prerogative of the President or any of his political hacks, but he has done it from the day he took office. Now, you try that with your local lending institution! Guarantors ALWAYS have a superior lien to investors, but not in this Administration. “Cronyism” has been charged by Democrats about Republicans for decades, but this Administration has raised-the-bar beyond comprehension…at your expense. What the President and his Administration has done is simply decide to strangle the production of oil in our country and “guarantee” the investment in unproven green technology. Deciding who wins and who loses in the marketplace is not the prerogative of the President or any of his political hacks, but he has done it from the day he took office.

No More Solyndas Act

Representative Upton finally decided that action had to be taken legislatively before any more damage can be done. He introduced the Bill earlier this month, and, hopefully, it will make its way to the House floor quickly. You can read the Bill, as it was introduced, if you click here. In stating the purpose of the Bill, the sponsor wrote, “To limit further taxpayer exposure from the loan guarantee program…” If it becomes law, the Bill will create some new protections for taxpayers to curb government spending of stimulus dollars and mandate new standards of disclosure to ensure at least some transparency in the federal government in the method and the players when appropriating your money. The Proud Americans applaud Chairman Upton and the Energy and Commerce Committee for their courage, foresight, and willingness to stop-the-madness. Our members’ best interest rests in the passage of this legislation.

Obamanomics explained through pictures

My friend, Rick Manning, Communications Director for Americans for Limited Government, has written another excellent article. Enjoy…

By Rick Manning — They say a picture is worth a thousand words, these are the easy to understand graphs that Team Obama doesn’t want people to see, because they speak volumes about his failed economic policies. Unless otherwise indicated each of the graphs are from the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. They show the danger our nation faces due to the employment situation, the financial situation of average American families and the looming national debt disaster, all exacerbated under Obama’s watch.

How many working aged Americans are participating in the labor force?

This chart is significant because it indicates the faith that people have that they will be able to find a job.

Labor Participation Rate

What percentage of the working age population (16 years of age and older) are employed?

This is significant because the fewer number of people employed as a percentage of the overall working age population, the fewer people paying taxes, and providing the labor to help make our economy thrive.

Employment Population Rate (16 years of age and older)

Rate of total unemployed, plus all marginally attached workers and those employed part time for economic reasons

The commonly reported unemployment rate of 8.2 percent is a fraction of those who are in the labor force but are stuck in part time jobs because there are not any full time ones available. The Bureau of Labor Statistics classifies the combination of the fully and part time employed for economic reasons and other workers “marginally attached to the workforce” as the U6 rate. Note this rate does not include those who have left the workforce. In June 2012, there were 14.9 percent of the civilian labor force in this category, or 23.1 million people.

U6 Underemployment Rate

How many Americans are not in the workforce, but want a job now?

In June 2012, 6.5 million people were not considered to be in the workforce, but wanted a job now. These people are not considered either unemployed or underemployed in the U6 compilation used by BLS. When combined, you learn that just shy of 30 million working aged Americans want full time jobs but just cannot find them. This brings the true, effective underemployment rate in our country to 19.3 percent of the working aged population. To put 30 million people into perspective, if every person who wanted a job were living in the same region, it would be the equivalent of everyone in New York, New Jersey and most of Connecticut all wanting full-time jobs but not being able to find one.

Do Americans have more income today than when Obama took office?

This chart was compiled by Moody’s economist Mark Zandi and printed by the New York Times on July 11, 2012. It speaks for itself.

What is the net worth of the average American household?

This chart was created by Peter Coy using the latest available Federal Reserve data and was distributed by Reuters on June 12, 2012.

Is the federal government really spending way more than it takes in each year? Isn’t this just data manipulation?

Here is the data directly from the U.S Department of Treasury’s website detailing the growth or contraction of the national debt on a daily basis.

What is the real state of the U.S. economy?

Our nation’s national debt has exploded past the total amount of goods and services that our nation produces each year with no signs of slowing down any time soon. Americans household income has declined precipitously since Obama took office, and not surprisingly the net worth of the average American has plummeted as well. 30 million Americans are either unemployed or underemployed, and a smaller percentage are employed than at any time since 1983. Looking at the facts of what is really happening in America, it is hard to understand how Obama could say, “The country is headed in the right direction,” just a couple of weeks ago. Rick Manning is the Communications Director of Americans for Limited Government. You can follow Rick on Twitter at @RManning957. Read more at NetRightDaily.com

Obamacare Repealed… in the House

Obamacare Bi-Partisan Vote to Repeal 244-185

Obamacare took another hit in the House of Representatives this week. Speaker Boehner brought it before the House to consider repealing and the Representatives voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act overwhelmingly, with five Democrats joining the Republican majority in the vote. I had the TV on a cable news channel when their reporter spoke of the vote on Obamacare. If her words weren’t so tragic, they would have been hilarious. She said (and I am paraphrasing here) the Republicans knew this effort to repeal would go nowhere in the Democrat-controlled Senate, but they were simply voting (and this part is the quote), “the way their constituents demanded that they vote.” Did you get that? The representatives were voting according to their constituency demands! Forgive me, have I been on another planet for a few years, or what? I was taught that voting to support constituency demands is what representatives are supposed to do. They are “representatives” not self-willed, out-of-control, know-it-all, elitists who ignore the voters who put them in office and pass legislation, like Obamacare. Legislation that their constituencies don’t support but are passed in order to make them look powerful and benevolent. I guess if you are the President or a lock-step Democrat the concept of being a representative of the people who elected you is almost laughable. Congressman Jim Matheson (D-UT) originally supported Obamacare along with his Democrat colleagues. However, he is in a very difficult re-election campaign and his former support is an issue with his constituency. They don’t like Obamacare…and never did. Congressman Matheson voted, this week, to repeal Obamacare. He commented after the vote, “Plain and simple, the bill is a flawed effort that fails to address the critical issue of rising health costs. With the Supreme Court ruling behind us, and as I reflect on my conversations with Utahns, I think about protecting the future of our economy. We must scrap this flawed effort once and for all, start over, and do it right.” Wait a minute, Congressman, you voted to repeal Obamacare after your “conversations with Utahns?” Does that mean you voted the way your constituency dictated? The cable news hack would find that amazing. Isn’t it amazing how an election year can bring clarity to the eyes, minds, and hearts of elected officials. The only problem is that their memories tend be very short after election. Your voice can make a difference in this debate. Let your Senator know that you want Obamacare struck down. Click here to contact your Representative or Senator.

Obamacare is Just Bad Law

A couple of weeks ago, Chief-Justice John Roberts found a somewhat twisted, but valid way to uphold Obamacare as Constitutional for the most part. Democrats have been ecstatic as the President’s signature legislation is now moving forward. The fact is that Obamacare was upheld as a tax not a Commerce Clause issue has been of little concern to them, yet. They are simply gloating that Obamacare is “constitutional” and believe that the rest of us are just bitter and should stand down. If the libs could stick out their collective tongues, they would…so it seems. However, just because Obamacare was upheld as not violating the taxing authority of Congress does not mean that the Act is good law and should stand. It is not a good law, its funding will create even more massive debt, and the excellent care Americans have known will be reduced…it is already happening. Obamacare is NOT a good law. There have been other laws throughout our history that were passed, upheld, and then found to be not good in their application. Prohibition was a well-intended law, but its passage was contrary to the will of most of the people of the United States, it created a black market for products, and resulted in much violent crime. And, of interest to the government who had passed it, the government lost the tax revenue from the sale of the black-market products. Prohibition was bad law even though it was constitutional and it was, appropriately, repealed. Obamacare is a social-engineering law, like Prohibition, that the majority of Americans don’t want, don’t like, and no matter how glib the President may be in pushing it forward, it will create suffering for Americans that has not been anticipated. I have heard many Democrats and liberal bureaucrats crowing about Obamacare being upheld. They equate the constitutionality of Obamacare with being a good law. Their logic is that, like Prohibition, if the Supreme Court didn’t strike Obamacare down, then Obamacare is good law. I have observed too many of our African-American legislators playing the race card very early and often saying that only “whites” want to repeal and that “their” President (sorry Shiela, but he is the President of all Americans, not just “your” people) and his Obamacare legislation has been “proven” to be right and good by the Supreme Court ruling. African-Americans, of all people, should see the fallacy of that position. Slavery laws were upheld as “constitutional,” but they were bad laws and people suffered because of them. Their abolishment was as right and good as the repeal of Obamacare. No Proud American wants to be a slave…not to a “Massa”…not to the Federal Government.

Second Amendment Threatened

Our president is selling us down the river! Act Now to stop him!

Our Second Amendment right to bear arms is under real attack by the Obama administration. A few weeks ago I wrote an article about the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, that if ratified can accomplish the liberal agenda of gun-control without Obama ever having to open his mouth on the subject. In just a few weeks, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is set to sign the Treaty. It will go to Harry Reid’s Senate for ratification before the November elections. If it is ratified, you can kiss your Second Amendment Rights good bye. I received some comments from some folks who are in denial. The position that the government would never let an international treaty commandeer our Constitution is Pollyanna-ish, unlearned, and, well, just plain wrong.

Gun Control over the Second Amendment

Gun control has been one of the highest priorities for liberals for years. For the collectivist administration currently in power, it is the Holy Grail. If we, the American public, are not armed, we cannot resist the tyranny that they see as “rescuing and taking care” of us. Check the freedom of the people without arms in pre-WWII Germany, the Soviet Union, North Korea, Syria, etc. If you don’t like what you see, then get up and help stop this treaty from being ratified. There is a reason it was vetoed twice by the Bush Administration. It tramples the sovereignty of the United States Constitution and his administration was unwilling to subjugate our Constitution to any international body. This administration can’t wait. If it is ratified, the United States can NOT veto any provision of the treaty. Cursory reading of the treaty will indicate that the purpose of the treaty is to stop weapons from reaching those who would challenge a government’s “stability and democracy.” That provision means that guns can be taken from American citizens who the administration believes might pose a threat to it. And, since “consensus” is the adopted method of acceptance, the United States cannot veto the measure and our Second Amendment right is negated. No Constitutional Amendment presented, no vote of the people; a slick-maneuver that allows a United Nations Treaty to trump our Constitution.

House and Senate Bills

House Bill 5846 was introduced on May 18, 2012. The Bill’s intent is to prohibit funding to a United Nations Arms Trade Treaty that restricts the Second Amendment rights of United States citizens. It was referred to committee and has not yet been reported out. A similar Bill was introduced in the Senate (S. 2205) was introduced on March 19, 2012. Reid’s Senate has not taken any action on the Bill, not even to refer it to committee. It is the intention of the liberal Senate and the President’s administration to sign, ratify, and enact this treaty with as little fanfare as possible. If the people find out the truth about the treaty, their hopes for ultimate disarmament of the United States citizens will be dashed. It is a reprehensible, but clever tactic. Don’t stick your head in the sand and think it won’t happen. Contact your Representatives and your Senators and force them to take action on HB 5846 and S 2205. There is a statistic from WWII that illustrates my “denial” point eloquently. By 1937, over 100,000 Jews had left Germany because they believed they knew what was coming. Here’s the tragedy, the vast majority remained because they could not bring themselves to believe that their government would ever do what it did. Before you accuse me of calling the President a Nazi, I clearly did not. I simply pointed out that doing nothing cost millions of people their liberty and their lives. We see the Second Amendment as a line-in-the-sand that the government must not cross. Remember the words of Thomas Jefferson, “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” It is precisely why the Founders included the Second Amendment in the first place. Without that check, we, as a people, are neutered and those in power rule with absolute and ruthless power. We don’t want to ever see a Tiananmen Square or a Syrian massacre happen on our shores.

Our president is selling us down the river! Act Now to stop him!


Christian Nation or Not?

Christian Nation…yes or no? The question is a hotly debated issue in political and religious arenas today. Are we a Christian Nation? Were we ever a Christian Nation? I fear that there is a lot of heat generated by the debate, but not much light. The phrase “Christian Nation” has, unfortunately, many connotations which translate into hot-button political rhetoric in a heartbeat. Please allow me to stake out our position right here. Is the United States a Christian nation? Yes!….and No! If by “Christian Nation” you mean do we have and support a State Church, such as the Anglican Church in England, the answer is NO. History has taught again and again that when the State and the Church are one and the same; when the Monarch heads the State Church, the people suffer. It was for that very reason the Puritans left Europe and came to America. They wanted to be able to worship in the style and enjoy the freedom to create their own doctrine disallowed under a State Church. The Puritans came to these shores to create what they considered a Christian nation. However, what they ultimately created was not much different in structure than what they had rebelled against. Ask the Quakers, the Baptists, and any other Christian dissenters who did not share the Puritan Congregationalist doctrine about how Christian their treatment was under the Puritans. You will find a story not much different from Europe. Unfortunately, those who are trying to purge any vestige of Christianity from our culture, use the Puritan example as their mace to bludgeon those who hold that we are indeed a Christian Nation.

Separation of Church and State

“Separation of Church and State” has never had anything to do with the United States being a secular state and destroying the Christian faith and practice. Separation simply meant that no one denomination, style, sect, or version of faith was to become “THE” state religion; that our government was not to be involved in running faith-based organizations. What has happened, over time, is that government has exalted itself to become “the” church and wields its legislative authority to usurp the responsibilities of faith-based organizations to society. In so doing, the “Church” is hoped to be seen as irrelevant and archaic by those who hold a governmental supremacy position, and government is, in fact, worshipped. Check the People’s Republic of North Korea, the old Soviet Union…monuments to the success of state-bred atheism…right? Those two nations, among others, would never be considered as “Christian nations,” but they are the epitome of where the current administration would take us.

The USA is a Christian Nation

What the majority of us who believe that the United States is a Christian nation believe is that the founders of this nation were men and women of faith. The Christian faith is woven into the basic fabric of our culture and should be recognized, not battered. While I may be a Baptist, I certainly do not want the Baptist Church to become the official “State” church. I, also, will fight to my dying breath to be certain that Baptists and all other Christian sects are not stricken from the American political and cultural stage. The United States of America has a Christian heritage and the re-writing of history by those who consider the Bible and faith anathema is where we “conservatives” ignite. Organizations like Americans United, the ACLU, and the Interfaith Alliance disdain Christianity at its core, yet they are seen as “enlightened” and “tolerant” and enjoy their viewpoint being disseminated widely by the current press. The Proud Americans want every person, whatever his faith, to be able to practice his faith on these shores without governmental interference. It is the Christian respect for human dignity that requires that liberty. But, we do not want the Federal Government, through the Department of Health and Human Services to force Christians to violate their faith by providing contraception. It is respect for our heritage as a Christian nation that is being challenged, and we object. America IS a Christian nation at its core and in its cultural heritage. Biblical principles are fundamental to our legal system and our society. We were never intended to be a secular state where Christianity is ridiculed and marginalized. The government was never envisioned by any founder as “God.” As Christians, we do not wish to exclude any other faith from worship; we just don’t want to be branded “terrorists” by those who do not share our faith.

The God Particle

A New Particle Discovery

Particle research is the subject of Physics aficionados around the world. The finding of the “God” particle was announced to the world this past week. Actually, it was announced twice. The Higgs boson sub-atomic particle is important in understanding time, space, and matter. So important that physicist Leon Lederman dubbed it, “The God Particle. First the Department of Energy’s Fermilab physicist Rob Roser said, “This is one of the cornerstones of how we understand the universe, and if it’s not there, we have to go back and check our assumptions about how the universe exists.” Then, on Wednesday, CERN, The European Organization for Nuclear Research , using the Large Hadron Collider, sent two beams of subatomic particles called “hadrons” in opposite directions inside the circular accelerator, gaining energy with every lap. The CERN experiment and the Fermilab experiment was replicated on at least 5 points which is necessary to claim “discovery.” At a hastily organized seminar, Rolf Heuer, Cern’s Director General, said, “We have a discovery. We have observed a new particle consistent with a Higgs boson…I think we can all be proud … but it’s a beginning.” While calling the discovery “a milestone,” Heuer cautioned that much work is still to be done. So…why is the particle important enough to write about? I write because the hyperbole of calling anything a “God” particle reflects a world view that needs commentary. Many scientists want so very much to explain the universe without having a Supreme Being (God) at its genesis. The Big Bang Theory is the current theory of choice to explain creation without a creator. The problem is that matter has to come from somewhere and creating matter has been the challenge. The Higgs boson particle would help explain how universe, exists. If one accepts that matter was created in the big bang, the particle would help explain how the matter has mass and holds together. Without it, as CERN explained in a background paper, “the universe would be a very different place…. no ordinary matter as we know it, no chemistry, no biology, and no people.”

Descartes Premise

The French mathematician and philosopher, Rene’ Descartes, introduced the premise that nothing can come from nothing and therefore God must exist. The big bangers have been trying to disprove Descartes’ premise ever since. You see, the premise colors the outcome. Big bangers want so desperately to be god, that they will grasp the title at anything. But, if one does not subscribe to the big bang premise, then the discovery of this particle is but another step in understanding our universe, not the discrediting, and destruction of God in creation. Here is the fundamental flaw in the “God” particle naming. Mr. Higgs, who theorized the particle existence in the 1960s, is a big banger atheist. Unfortunately, a person who has no perception of Deity, is limited in their perception, much like one who is color-blind trying to describe a rainbow. Please forgive me for getting technical for just a moment, but I hope technicality will express my premise. The particle explosion that occurred in the experiment that culminated with the particle “discovery,” created visible light. Any amateur scientist knows that visible light consists of 7 colors, but “pure” light is singular and invisible to the human eye and has never been “seen.” Even the laser is not a pure waveform. So…the question must be asked, “Who created the particle ions and electrons that were sent round and round to collide in a visible light explosion? Who created the base form of pure energy that allowed you to create the explosion?” Sorry, guys, the “God” particle is still missing. Your particle discovery has made a great advancement in physics, and we applaud you, but don’t claim titles in your nomenclature that are unwarranted. Your world-view exposes your neediness. As Rob Roser said, maybe you need to go back and check your assumptions. Descartes lives!


Back in 1969, Red Skelton, delivered a version of an explanation of The Pledge of Allegiance that he remembered coming from a teacher, Mr. Lasswell, who was concerned that his students had come to lack an appreciation for the meaning of The Pledge. Skelton’s rendition was so well received that it was issued in print and pressed into records which were widely circulated.

The Meaning of The Pledge of Allegiance

If ever a generation needed a reminder of the meaning of the Pledge, it is ours. With deference and respect to Mr. Lasswell and to one of my entertainment heroes, Red Skelton, I would like to present my personal interpretation of the Pledge of Allegiance.

  • I: The first personal singular representation of me. I, personally, not as a representative of anyone else. I, singularly, no matter my ethnic heritage, my political persuasion, or my religious belief. I..
  • PLEDGE: Make a solemn promise and agree to be bound by my promise. My pledge cannot be undone, nor can it be amended, it is my vow.
  • ALLIEGIANCE: My loyalty and my devotion. Unrestricted, unedited, in the whole, allegiance includes my willingness to remain loyal and faithful even if it costs me my life.
  • TO: The recipient of my loyalty, devotion, and promise.
  • THE FLAG: A singular piece of cloth formed to become the symbol of our nation. The piece of cloth that has come to signify freedom throughout the world over generations. The symbol that deserves respect and that brings tears to my eyes when I see it burned in disdain, anger, and disrespect. I, personally, vow my loyalty and devotion to that singular symbol.
  • UNITED: Many acting as a single unit. There is no room for multi-cultural divisions , we have historically acted, and must continue to act in harmony, a single unit One and strong.
  • STATES: The body politic. Communities of individuals who have come together due to common interest and hope. Each community with its unique history and pride that comes together under the word above, “United,” loving the community and the benefits created by the unity of the individual states.
  • OF AMERICA: A specific continent on which this nation exists. It is possible that other continents may produce “united states” in one fashion or another, but my loyalty and devotion is to this specific geographic “United States.” The word, “America” has come to mean help, relief, freedom, and support to peoples around the globe. It is The United States of America, not Europe, not Asia, not any other continent to which I promise my lifelong loyalty.
  • THE REPUBLIC: The form of government created by the founders of this nation in which supreme power rests, not in a monarch, not in a president, not in an administration, not even in the Congress, but in the citizens, the people of this great nation. Every president and elected official is our employee, they work for us. And those they hire and appoint to assist them are likewise our employees. We must never take for granted nor allow the Republic form of government to be changed. It is the very core of our freedom.
  • FOR WHICH IT STANDS: The nation the symbol, our Flag, represents.
  • ONE NATION: A reminder of our unity. We were not formed to be multi-cultural. While we respect the various places from which all of us can trace our roots, we are now Americans, no hyphen, AMERICANS. One Nation…
  • UNDER GOD: In the last few decades, those who would deny a Creator of the Universe have made loud and long objections to His inclusion in our public discourse. But, whether they like it or not, our nation was formed as a Christian nation. Israel was formed as a Jewish State. The Arab world nations were formed as Muslim. While we respect those religions and welcome them to worship here, The United States of America is a Christian nation at its core, and our founding fathers suggested that if anyone running for public office denied this fact, they were not worthy of our vote. We are a nation under God.
  • INDIVISIBLE: Incapable of being divided or separated. The multicultural lie perpetrated for political advantage, the “hyphen,” has worked to come closer to dividing that which cannot be divided than any other single threat. It is unacceptable to put smaller group identities ahead of our collective unity. If the United States of America ever falls to a foreign power, it will be because we ceased, at some point, to be indivisible.
  • WITH LIBERTY: Independence, freedom from a despotic government, freedom from control or interference emanating from government.
  • AND JUSTICE: The moral principle of righteousness, delivered by holding every person to the same standard of judgment. Treating others in the same manner that we would expect to be treated, with fairness.
  • FOR ALL: Everyone. This country belongs to each of us, individually. It does not belong to bureaucrats. It does not belong to elected officials. It belongs to me, and you, and every other citizen. This is MY country.


Mexico Has A New President

Mexico has a projected new President, Enrique Pena Nieto. Though the official count of the vote won’t begin until Wednesday, Nieto was the projected winner of Mexico’s “Quick Count” on Sunday night. His closest rival is Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was the Democratic Revolution Party (PRN) candidate that lost by less than 1% of the vote in 2006 and never conceded the election to President Felipe Calderon. Nieto’s projected victory is slightly larger, but he certainly did not receive a mandate from the electorate. Being elected with by a plurality (38%) of the vote is a far cry from being elected by a landslide or even narrow majority. Obrador supporters’ reaction to the final result, if not the blockades, demonstrations, and boycotts of 2006, could provide a much smoother start for Nieto. But what do we know of the new Presidente and of his policies? What will his election mean for the United States? We know that Nieto is the representative of Mexico’s old Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) which ruled Mexico for 71 consecutive years ending with the election of 2000. We know that the PRI has been accused of being dictatorial and corrupt. We know that the PRI has been accused of rigging elections and conspiring with organized crime figures in the past. But Pena Nieto has worked to put the past behind and claim a new and fresh approach for Mexico.

New Direction For Mexico

Nieto said in a recent interview, “In the Mexico we want, there is no room for corruption, for cover-ups and least of all for impunity. It’s time to break with the past.” From exit interviews with voters throughout Mexico, it is clear that Mexican citizens have different expectations from the government than in the past. The people of Mexico expect to be respected by their officials as having elected them and expect their wishes to be carried out by the government. If Nieto is serious about breaking with the patronage and corruption image from the PRI past, he may very well be a popular leader in Mexico. However, he is not without his detractors. Many, in Mexico, consider him to be a slick, photogenic, creation of the giant of broadcasting in Mexico, Televisa. He is good looking, dresses well, and has learned to speak in sound bites. He is a television broadcaster’s dream. Some say that he doesn’t possess the intellectual capability to match his good looks and that Televisa support was bought by the PRI. Nieto has promised to quell the domestic violence in Mexico. Some 55,000 people have been killed during the Calderon Administration crack-down on the drug cartels. How President Nieto plans to accomplish his promise has many in Mexico worried. If he negotiates “deals” with the cartels, then the old resentment for PRI policies will surface quickly. If he maintains a hard line and the domestic violence continues, he will be accused of breaking a campaign promise…something that PRI candidates did for many years. Mexico’s President-elect said little about foreign policy; a fact not surprising when the domestic issues plaguing Mexico are so dominant. However, Nieto’s advisors did put out a vision for Mexico’s future in which they said, “In Mexico, without a doubt, we have to get our own house in order and search for more balanced cooperation with the United States, but we should also generate multilateral mechanisms to pay attention to this problem [drug trafficking]. In this sense the Merida Initiative has been a weak effort that did not achieve a single substantive achievement. The comprehensive efforts should at least include the Central American countries, the Caribbean, Canada, and Colombia. There is no doubt that President Nieto will have to include members of other parties in establishing new any new legislation or endeavor in Mexico, something the old PRI was loathe to do. We will see if the “new” PRI leader is willing to build coalitions. It is not easy to predict how Mexico’s new leader will be seen, will be followed, and whether he will be successful in leading Mexico in a new direction. As our closest neighbor to the south, his policies and his leadership will affect the United States almost as quickly as they do Mexico itself.