17 Days

Two young blonde women were sitting in a coffee shop in a celebratory mood. A man drifted over to buy them something to drink. When he got close, he heard one lady say to the other, “Here’s to 17 days!”

Smiling, the man said, “Congratulations! But what’s so special about 17 days?”

Eyes twinkling, one of the blondes explained, “Well, we’ve been spending our evenings working on a jigsaw puzzle! And we finished it in just 17 days!”

“What’s so good about that?” asked the man.

The lady responded, “On the box, it said 3-5 years.”

A famous Christian author wrote a book a few years ago. His premise was, “It all goes back in the box.” He said that whatever you have in life, when this life is over, your toys all go back in the box.

A little boy stunned his dad by putting together a jigsaw puzzle of the world in just ten minutes.

“How did you do it?” asked his dad.

“It was easy,” said the lad. “I turned the pieces over, and they formed the image of a heart. And when I got the heart right, the world fell into place.”

Get your heart right today, because when it’s over, it all goes back in the box.

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